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Whether it's your health, your work, your relationships or your wealth... 

This book will help shift your thinking, find YOUR path, build resilience, and give you the tools to achieve your goals

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You've tried all the other approaches... but the problem with them is that they are all so ONE DIMENSIONAL. 

If they focus only on your thinking, they focus on EITHER habits, OR change, OR goals, OR how to build resilience, OR mindfulness or how to use fear as fuel.

If they focus on making the change you want to make by centering it in your purpose and dreams, they often don't include how to use your intuition or your three maps of Journey, Joy and Job to find the sweet-spot of energy that will make you HUM!  Or how to select and integrate feedback to propel you forward.
Most forget to tell you how to sustain the change for good.  And if they do, it's usually instilling daily routines.  They forget to tell you that lasting change requires you to rewire your brain, support yourself with your Journey Four and how to implement shortcuts to power.
DEEP GROOVES integrates it all.  In one seamless, easy to read, book, that uses real stories to show you just how powerful an integrated approach can be.

I'll show you how to integrate it all - in an easy and seamless way through STEP-BY-STEP FRAMEWORKS that will help you overcome the patterns that keep you stuck.

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tired of never been able to break through the old patterns?

The challenge of changing our path in life (be it health, wealth, work or relationships) is a challenge all of us need to rise to if we want to live our Best Life.  

The problem is that we all have been fed a bunch of lies from The World Out There as to what works, what we should be doing and what will make us happy.

If it was so easy, we would all be thin, successful, happy, wealthy, and living our Best Life.

problem number 1

Most people think if they just have a bit more willpower things will be easier.  

That is such faulty and outdated thinking, it can never work.  Our brain is just not wired that way - it comes down to brain science

We only have two hours of processing time for our 'willpower' area, which we need for other stuff.

More willpower won't change it

problem number 2

Most people forget that changing a behaviour requires you first to change your thinking.

The problem is, most our thinking is done subconsciously - so how do you change something you're not even conscious about?

You can, you just need to learn how to read the signposts

You can't change your behaviour without changing your thinking

problem number 3

We've invested so much into the life we currently have - yet there's a 'hole in our soul' that's growing.  A sense there has to be more.

But taking that step to change is terrifying.  The problem is, to change path or take on something new, you need new tools, different approaches.

And you need a new way to handle your thinking and emotions.

You can't create a new reality with old thinking

Lisa is the host of Working Women's Wealth with more than 130 episodes listened to in over 105 countries


Lisa Linfield

Author, speaker, course creator, podcast host, Board Certified Financial Planner, CEO, Wealth Manager, mom to three gorgeous girls, wife to The Loved One.

I’ve struggled through ALL THREE of these over the last few years…

I'm a lifelong learner.  I love it.  Before I went into banking, I was a physiotherapist (physical therapist)... and before I started my own business, I was a corporate executive following 20 years in financial services.

I've successfully navigated much change, and much heartache, many successes, and my share of failures.  These lessons I share freely - what worked and what didn't through my podcast, my book, and now more personally, through this course.

I held a dream my whole life - but the closer I got to it, the more I realised I didn't want it

I always thought the key to my happiness was being a successful - to be CEO of a listed company.  But, the hole in my soul grew and grew until I could no longer ignore that this life just wasn't bringing me joy.

Stepping away from what I thought my lifelong dream was was one of the hardest things I've ever done - even harder than giving up years of study at med school to go into banking.  Why?  Because it was so embedded in my identity, my dreams, and I'd invested so much of my life into it.

I tried exercising regularly - but failed every time until...

I have tried my whole life to exercise consistently - until I discovered two key flaws in my thinking - which meant I'd NEVER win the battle on willpower alone.  I implemented two key changes and 8 years later I've exercised a minimum of twice a week every week.

I tried to start my own business with the old thinking skills i learnt in corporate...

The mindset skills you need to thrive in a corporate which is so much about adapting to the corporate tribe are so different from the decision making skills you need to build your own successful business.  

It exposes your strengths, but goodness, it also exposes your areas of growth needed!  I've learnt how to adapt my thinking, what shortcuts I can use to build a business despite those areas of business I hate!


There's no quick fix, but there are shortcuts just need the right guide.

There are two problems with the current thinking in The World Out There.

1. The idea that there's always a quick fix to everything

2. The siloed approach to everything - one person for habits, one person for goal setting, one person for...- is ineffective, and you need an integrated approach.

You can make the changes you need to make, you can live your Best Life... you just need tools that can serve you each and every day, in any situation.

From corporate to freedom!!!

I left behind a TWENTY year successful corporate career in order to start my own businesses.

Was it hard?  Yes!  But has it been worth it???? Oh my goodness, soooo worth it.  

It’s given me the freedom I so desperately missed while I was in corporate to watch my three girls play sport and do shows – to be a part of their life.

It’s given me the ability to be my own boss – to choose who I work with, why I work with them, and when I want to work.

And it’s given me a vision for my future that I love. Knowing that I’m building a business that will grow with me, change with me and enable me to continue to work with passion and energy until whatever age I choose.

 I call my businesses my "Freedom Generators".  They give me freedom of time to be with my kids, flexibility of where and when I work, and financial freedom.

As a Certified Financial Adviser and Wealth Manager, each day I see way too many people who earn a salary and hate what they do… and who will be force retired at 60 but will still have so much to offer, and not enough money to retire.

People started asking me for help – seeing how I’d transformed as a human through the journey of starting my businesses… and seeing the results I was getting.  

developed over years, released in the book 'deep grooves' and now taught to you in person...

I've been working on this content, testing it with course participants, and then took it deeper in the book 'Deep Grooves:  Overcoming Patterns That Keep You Stuck'.  

Join us on the journey to changing YOUR life

Let’s get started…

Be Brave to be Free!

Lisa xx

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just imagine

Living YOUR Best Life 

- Doing work that gives you energy

- Building your relationships to bring deeper joy

- Step changing your health

- Getting your wealth on track to bring freedom

More time with people you call your tribe

More happiness each day

and more!

get all the solution now!

Start your Freedom Generator without...

Wasted time, wasted money and frustration by following the step-by-step 4M method to choose the product that will kick start your business

go deeper

Go Deeper into the Benefits. How can you drive home the results more? Get as specific as possible.

here's a huge benefit for the reader

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here's a huge benefit for the reader

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Show off just how much easier, lighter, happier, better things will be when this solution is placed into their lives.


The first step in your journey...

The step-by-step online training course that will help you find the right product to start your side hustle

The perfect jump start for anyone who has been considering starting a business – but has no idea what they’ll sell!

6 Module training program

1 Hour per day to complete

Video's, swipe files and interactive exercises

the 4m process to finding the side hustle that works for you!


How to find a product to sell

One that keeps you energised and motivated so that you don’t give up (so you don’t lose steam two months from now)

Discover the 3 easy ways to prove your idea

WITHOUT having to invest a ton of money before you know it will work (so you get the learning you need to build your business but don't end up broke at the end of this!)

How to differentiate your business idea 

from your competitors by working out how to leverage your unique ‘secret sauce’ throughout your business (so you work in your strengths which will give you the energy to keep going)

How to multiply your idea 

into a product range that generates repeat buyers so your profitability will grow (so you can make more money for the same cost of getting a new customer)

The perfect jump start for anyone who has been considering starting a business – but has no idea what they’ll sell!



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and there's more

I've included some AMAZING bonuses that will support you achieving your goals!


Branding - naming, logos and colours

Save hundreds of dollars on branding by understanding the value behind naming that you may be missing out on – and then options from free to mid-range to premium pricing on getting your logo and colours sorted.


Brave to be free for businesses

One of the most RAVED about pieces of the course is Brave to Be Free for Businesses.  

My clients say that this video series truly helps boost them into action and delivery. It doesn’t matter how good your idea is, if you don’t get your mind right, you’ll never deliver.


ideas for starting your business

Sometimes you need a kick start for idea generation.  

In this download, I've curated some of the top trending ideas for the year and put them together for you


Make $1,000 sitting on the couch

This mini-course shows you how easy it is to make extra income while you start your business by doing work for other people on the internet - such as filling out market research or user testing websites.  There are 9 different ways included.

Have fun while finding your product like Lisa P:

I'm loving the content of this course! I am quite blown away by the brainstorming I was able to do - your example really, really helped it fly for me! Breaking it down into what I can do face-to-face (or in video consultation, which is the new normal, it seems!), then info products, then product products, which I don't even have to make or procure myself! WOW!

The perfect jump start for anyone who has been considering starting a business – but has no idea what they’ll sell!

Which Product Course?. . . . . . . . (Value $97)

BONUS 1: Branding. . . . . . . . . . . . .(Value $49)

BONUS 2: Brave to be Free . . . . . .(Value $49)

BONUS 3: Ideas Bank. . . . . . . . . . . (Value $27)

BONUS 4:  Earn $1,000 . . . . . . . . . (Value $47)

Total Value = ($269)

Today's Price = $27

Feel empowered to go for it like Karen B:

Both the content and delivery are really great! The message is absolutely eye-opening. The exercises are what make this lesson very powerful and personal. 

I realise I have been overthinking what I must do in the next phase of my life and this course has empowered me to go for it and enjoy the journey. 

It clicked for me why I chose to sign up for your course and one of the reasons why I admire you so much. It's the fact that it's not about you and you being successful but it's about those you serve. 

video proof

Add some video testimonials if you have them. 

They are really powerful.

buy now at this amazing low price before i increase it!

If you don't act now, you'll be in the same place in five year's time - wishing that you had the freedom you so desperately wish for

you asked

Your frequently asked questions, ones that overcome 

objections are great here.

Is this only for people who have no idea what to sell?

NO!!! Actually, many people who have done this realise WHY their other products failed, what is needed to make a successful business from a product perspective, and have tons of highly profitable product ideas through this process.

What kind of products do you focus on?

We take you through a process that’s far deeper than any single product so you’ll be able to find lasting success and not a quick fix. 

It helps you brainstorm and shows examples of physical products, virtual products, consulting services, craft products, info products, books and way more!  By helping you brainstorm widely, many clients have found the process stimulate possibilities beyond what they'd ever considered. 

How is this different from other courses?

Many people have tried different things to kick start their ideas – but they’re all viewed from the lens of the product, and not you as the human being behind the start up. Unless you are mindful through this journey, you’ll end up spending a ton of money on launching products that won’t sell.

We take you through the process of finding profitable ways to launch your idea quickly and prove they’ll work before you invest the family jewels.

Is the content available immediately

Yes! The minute you sign up, the course will be available for you to go through at your own pace.

Discover your unique SuperPowers that will make your business fly like Leigh T:

These lessons were outstanding for me. I had many realisations about myself. 

I loved discovering the themes in my life. I loved the homework. I've already received some feedback which has made me feel quite buoyant. For the first time I'm truly starting to feel excited – as in a whole body experience - not just a 'head' excitement. 


The lasting change accelerator that will help you overcome patterns that are keeping you stuck

When it goes live, it will sell for $297...

Today's Price = $27