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Taught by Lisa

Step change your life

Online Community

Brave to Change

Ever wondered how you can know what you need to do but still can't do it on a regular basis?

Whether it's your health, your work, your relationships or your wealth... join me for a step-by-step process that will help you shift your thinking, find YOUR path, build resilience and give you the tools you need to achieve your goal.

There is no such thing as a quick fix...

But there are ways to change your path for good.

Together with my own frameworks and toolkits, I will introduce you to some of the greatest thinkers on habits, change, goals, resilience, brain science, hope theory and mindset



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Go from Zero to business in 16 Weeks

Business School for Startups

I believe that every one of us should have a business we own and are in control of.

Why?  Because it helps us to find our purpose.  Most don't start out that way, but over time, we find what it is that we enjoy, that we would do whether paid for it or not.  And you should be paid for it!

But also because according to National Treasury, 94% of us will never be able to afford the same level of lifestyle in retirement as we had before.

And with corporates kicking us out early, that means that we are going to need to find our own way to make money.

But it takes time to build a brand and get it going.  Most businesses take around 7 years to get started.  So we need to start it now!

The course consists of four sections?

  • Which Product?: Helps you understand which products sell, and what would make your product the most successful.  It also introduces to distribution options such as Affiliate, Drop Shipping and Information Products
  • Finding Customers Who Buy: It's no point having the best product in the world, but not understanding your ideal customer, where they're shopping, what problem you're solving for them, and your competitor's value ladders
  • The Profit Booster: Looks at how you upsell, cross-sell and construct a value-ladder so that you can make more money for every dollar spent on acquiring a customer.  It also has a bonus finance course in it.
  • The Growth Engine:  This teaches you all about how you grow your business through marketing.  We look at marketing theory, online marketing, email relationship building, and social media marketing.  I show you how to blog, how to podcast, and how to record videos.

There are also a few bonus courses, including a Business Mindset course called Brave to be Free and a Technology course that will show you how to set up the tech




Financial Basics

Financial Protection

Financial Independence

Financial Freedom

6 Day Money Sprint

Managing a wealth management business, and teaching many women about wealth has given Lisa a unique perspective on how to lay the foundation for financial freedom.

This FREE 6 day course will give you all the basics you need to put your financial freedom in focus

  • Mindset: Having enough money for the future requires you to save today for money tomorrow.  A bit like a healthy body requires you to eat less today and exercise for health in the future.  That takes a mindset shift.
  • Financial Basics: Getting on top of your income and expenses are key to financial wealth.  But there are some tricks you can use to maximise this
  • Financial Protection: Making sure you can maintain the life you've worked so hard to achieve is crucial - so protecting it against 'life happens' events such as death, divorce or disability is key.
  • Financial Independence: The first step to freedom is to make sure you can pay for your most basic expenses - never having to rely on your children.  You'll never believe how many people don't know whether they can or can't, and how most people can't even afford this.
  • Financial Freedom: Choice is the key to financial freedom.  Choosing if you work, where you work, when you work and with whom is a gift most people never get to experience.  But it's very possible to achieve

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