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My goal is to empower you to live your best life possible - through engaging content, and teaching that practically equips.

Life, Business and Financial Coaching

Sometimes, we just need to get out of our heads and get another perspective of where we need to go.

What brings us joy?  What's our SuperPower?  What's keeping us stuck? Why can't we do the stuff we know we need to do?

The biggest outcome most of us need is 'how do we move forward?'  What are the next steps we need to take, what is our plan.

Whether it's planning your next steps with career, your business or your money, Lisa can help you gain the insights you need to take the steps with confidence and a plan.

Having been in corporate leadership for 20 years, in a strategy position for most of them, and having run a R3bn business, Lisa understands the corporate world.  And having started 3 of her own businesses, a podcast, written a book and helped many people manage their money, she is uniquely qualified.

Lisa uses multiple tools to help, including HBDI assessments to understand our thinking preferences.

Find peace in your next steps, gain a new perspective.

Retirement Planning and Wealth Management

Every single one of us should have a holistic financial plan.  

One that is focussed on meeting our life goals and dreams - who we are uniquely as a person, our family, and the things that are important to us.

Our process is as follows:

  • Life Plan: Understand who you are, what's important to you, and what your ideal life plan would be
  • Gather information: Understand your income and expenses now and in the future, and work out what assets and liabilities you have to meet them
  • Produce a holistic plan: Make sure that our plan highlights opportunities and challenges in meeting your goals, and gives you a step-by-step way forward to achieve them

Keynote Speaking

Lisa has spoken to a number of audiences - corporate, women's groups, client functions, conferences.

The key feedback is always that her vulnerability in sharing her story and laughing at herself make her a highly effective speaker, motivating audiences to take steps towards a better path.

She speaks on two main topics:


  • Good Reasons and Real Reasons: Only when teams and individuals learn to differentiate between the Good Reasons and the Real Reasons will they ever be able to change the path they're on for the better.
  • Five Signposts to your Best Life: Sometimes we have no idea how to find the path we need to be on.  What's the next step?  How do you change from here? How do you ensure the best chance of success? 
  • It's THEM, it's not you: How do we as talented humans be unable to make change stick?  Is there an easier way, a short cut?  There is, because it's not you, it's The World Out There that's got it wrong
  • The secret Weapon...Using fear to your advantage: When we distill down the key factor that stops most of us from doing great things, from speaking up, from stepping out, it most often boils down to fear.  Fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of uncertainty, fear of losing control.  Why not use that fear to your advantage?


  • Five steps to Financial Freedom: Most people don't get that every single one of us has the ability to be financially free.  Because most people were never taught money in HumanSpeak, in a way we can all understand.  In this humorous, but unforgettable speech, 
  •  You need to fix THIS to fix your money:  There is one key thing everyone needs to fix if they're going to fix their money.  Their assumptions.  We all hold assumptions about everything, but the assumptions about our money stem from the habits we picked up as children in our families.
  • The unique challenge of creating personal wealth as a business owner Many business owners incorrectly think that their business will be their retirement policy.  In most times it won't.  But it can be if you prepare for it.
  • The secret to creating a profitable business: I learnt the hard way these secrets to creating a profitable business.  And, since I began speaking about them, so many people's eyes light up as they say, "That's what I"m doing wrong"

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