There are three types of work i do...

If we're going to work together I'm sure you may want to know more about me right?

Meet Lisa Linfield

I help you reduce financial stress by having a clear view of your next step

I got started as a financial adviser because I got tired of seeing people struggle with their money, make needless mistakes because they didn't have access to the right information, and live with the stress of fearing a very hard retirement with not enough money.

I love helping people understand how an easy to implement money system and a step by step plan to reach your goals can change your life.

You see many people have had a bad experience with terrible advice from sales people, or have been ripped off by unscrupulous companies and so live in fear of getting help.

Or they think they can go it alone, but get faced by an entirely different language of finance-speak, an unbelievable amount of choices to make and so much admin it could take out a forest. And that paralyses them, and they end up... doing nothing.

The thing is, it shouldn't be that way.

When I started this journey, God gave me a picture of his people bound together, carrying a huge and heavy weight - the worries of this world when it came to money. And he gave me my mission: "You will lead these people to the land I promised [them]" from Joshua 1:6

Everyone deserves a clear plan that's easy to understand... in HumanSpeak... we call it a SMART Financial Plan

I would love to help you to live a Stress-Free Money Life because I believe that God put us on this earth to serve HIS purpose - and that money only does one thing... help you do that. It is definitely not the goal, nor the reason, it's JUST a facilitator. It enables us to do what we need to, and to use it to serve God and others.

Imagine what life will be like when you don't need to worry about money?

know with certainty you'll have enough

I'll help you reduce stress by showing you the next step with your money

There are three ways I work - choose the one that suits your needs best


coaching to dramatically reduce your financial stress

Sometimes you just need to bounce and idea off someone who's able to see things from the outside looking in... and who has the knowledge AND experience of actually managing investments and supporting people in their retirement. Hop on a call, and we'll help you out.


courses that help you do it yourself

There's a course for everyone's needs. Whether you want to learn how to organise, invest, protect or get out of debt - or whether you want to change the way you think about money - there's something for you here.


done for you - wealth management

Let's face it - you're great at what you do! But we can't all be great at everything... there's just not enough time in a day. At Southern Pride Wealth we focus on building holistic SMART Financial Plans for a fee so you know without a doubt that our recommendations aren't trying to sell you anything. And if you choose, we can implement those recommendations and you can join the hundreds of customers who have trusted us to invest their money for them.

Want to know me better? I share in my podcast

Key moments on my life journey

Ep. 52 - Why I left a 7-figure job

Who is made enough to give up a 7-Figure salary job??? And if they do, do they regret it?

I did, and on this anniversary of my podcast (52 weeks of it), I chat through why I left corporate and what I've learnt since then

Ep. 133 Why Financial Enablement doesn't help those you love

One of the places I see Financial Enablement is in the supporting of a loved one starting a business venture. It's about to get going - so more money gets sunk.

I recently woke up to the cold reality I'd been financially enabling myself.

Ep. 239 The humbling discovery that's shifting my focus

I talk through why I made the shift to bring my Christian faith into my teaching - How important it is to me, and how my entire purpose to teach a million women was God given.

Some people just want to know how much they need

know Exactly How Much You Need to Stop Work with answering only 4 questions

Unlock my FREE How Much is Enough? spreadsheet that can help you work out not only how much you need, but also show you exactly how much you'll have with each little bit of additional investing


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