You can't change your money if you don't take time to learn more and change your thinking

Working Women's Wealth

Join me to chat about money, faith, personal growth & navigating the journey of life

Ever wondered how to have enough money to live life now AND save for the future?

Life is too short to struggle with money - yet, all of us feel like being held back by a budget is boring. And even if you do have a budget, unexpected expenses ALWAYS come and derail our best plans.

And if we survive that? Well how on earth does one have enough to save for the future when just affording today is tough... right?

Layer on top of that the deep seated desire that you want to be a good steward of your money and follow God's plan for it...and you may be feeling you will NEVER be free of money stress.

Well I'm here to tell you that you can be free of money stress. You just need a great guide who's helped thousands of people at all stages of their money journey - old and young - grow their stress-free money trees! And one who teaches in Human Speak, and not all that crazy jargon

Between short shows I teach, and amazing women I interview, this podcast will help you build a God-Centered money life that allows you to thrive AND choose how, when and with whom you spend your time and money.

Choose a Category...

What's currently bothering you about your money?

Choose the area you're most interested in fixing... and if you don't know where to start, I'd recommend EVERYONE starts with Organising your money - it's the building block of all financial wealth

What you do with your money

How you get your money

Family Money

How you think about money - the foundation of everything

Some people just want to know how much they need

know Exactly How Much You Need to Stop Work with answering only 4 questions

Unlock my FREE How Much is Enough? spreadsheet that can help you work out not only how much you need, but also show you exactly how much you'll have with each little bit of additional investing


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