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230 The surprising science behind achieving success

November 16, 20223 min read


What if success is not random? What if there is a science behind HOW to achieve it? According to research, that’s exactly the case. It IS possible for people like you and me to reach great heights!

Today I’m going to do the work for you, and summarise the findings of researchers to create a checklist that will help you achieve your WILDEST dream

Show notes:

  • [02.48] Why we don't achieve our goals

  • [05.54] Research finding #1 - Professor Edwin Locke

  • [09.15] Research finding #2 - Professor Rick Snyder

  • [14.24] Research finding #3 - Angela Duckworth

  • [18.22] Research finding #4 - James Clear

  • [20.00] A checklist


"If you are believing bad things about your ability to achieve a goal, then you will never ever achieve it." - Lisa Linfield

"Your goals cannot be a 'to do list' for the day." - Lisa Linfield

"We need to create a habit of consistency." - Lisa Linfield

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What if success is not Random, and the Research by the PhD professors shows it's actually possible for people like you and me to achieve unbelievable success?

Today I'm going to do the work for you and summarise 5 professor's number 1 findings of what makes success so you know the science behind it.

So I don't know about you, but I'm starting to think about 2023 and what I should be doing, and it feels like 2022 just came and went and I didn't get through a fraction of the goals that I'd set my self.

And when I chat to many of you, it seems like we're all dealing with this problem, at a time when The World Out There tells us we should be NAILING life if we just do this one thing.

And that makes me feel guilty... like goodness people if it was that simple, I'd be a rockstar!!!!

So I'm here to tell you it's OK. It's NOT that simple, it's not ONE thing. It's 5 things, but those 5 things are completely doable...So grab a pen and paper, or make a mental note of it... and we'll work through this so that 2023 can be just AMAZING

Whether it's a financial goal you've set, or a work goal or personal goal, here's what you need to know.

Firstly, let's start by why we DON'T achieve your goals…

Success Research

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Lisa Linfield

Lisa Linfield is on a God-given mission to free 1 million women from the weight and stress of money. She's a CFP, founder of a wealth management business, and podcast host of Working Women's Wealth

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