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209 It's not over

February 09, 20227 min read


When things don’t work out in the timeline that you expect them to, do you feel compelled to give up on your dreams? Don’t. It’s not over.

In today’s episode I talk about why we stop dreaming, and what quality (as well as its key ingredients) you need more of to increase your chances of being successful.

Have faith and don’t give up. It's not over, something good is coming.

Show Notes

  • [01.26] The journey of Working Women's Wealth.

  • [03.47] Life's curveballs.

  • [04.39] The challenges of a timeline.

  • [05.38] It's not over.

  • [06.58] Hope and its relationship to success.

  • [09.56] Why we stop dreaming.

  • [13.47] Faith.

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“This life is a marathon, not a sprint.” – Lisa Linfield

"It’s been proven that the more hope you have in life, the more chance you have of achieving your success." - Lisa Linfield

“Have faith that whatever it is you want, there’s a reason you need to be where you are now – to build strength, to build knowledge, to build self-awareness, to build patience, to build empathy, to build persistence, to build the resilience to keep on going.” – Lisa Linfield

"The real obstacle is that we fear more hurt." - Lisa Linfield


It’s not over


Have you ever said to yourself, “This is never going to happen”?

Don’t know about you… patience NOT….much more of an instant gratification.

Not shy of working hard… I work 6 days a week… but I definitely want success to come way quicker than it does.

Journey with WWW – just over 4 years – I definitely think.. is this ever going to be a success?

-          I don’t seem to get enough people signing up for my courses

-          Listenership has been pretty flat for two years

-          I still don’t make enough money to cover its expenses… so 4 years later still putting money into the business.

I’ve felt like this one other time before – when my corporate career was flying and we had a change of leadership and the new MD wasn’t fond of me.. and I found myself over 4 years being side lined and wondering “will this career success ever happen?”

Or maybe for you its relationship happiness.  You may be going through a divorce… or you’ve been on the dating scene for a while and you wonder… “is this lifelong happiness ever going to happen?”

Or it may be your money.  Where despite so many attempts, you keep getting derailed and not able to start investing for your future the way you’d like to…

Or maybe its your happiness – where you feel like life just throws you one curveball after another, and you will NEVER get to a place where you are happy, find your groove, and leave survival mode to get to that place of happiness you deserve.

Somewhere inside all of us we seem to have this timeline that we’ve been given for life from TWOT… a timeline that says we should be at happy, successful, fit by the age of 40… and that we’ve missed the boat.

And sometimes, over time, so many disappointments lead us to stop dreaming, stop believing.  It feels safer to give up on those dreams than to take what feels like yet another blow, failed date, disappointing business stats.  That it’s too late for the timeline TWOT set us.

I don’t know where you are, but today I felt I needed to tell some of you out there (and myself) that It’s Not Over.

This life is a marathon, not a sprint.

And your spring of hope and summer of sunshine and autumn of reaping the harvest you deserve are still coming.

It’s not over.  Something good is coming. (repeat)

I listen to those words and I repeat them to myself like a mantra

It’s not over.  Something good is coming. (repeat)

When I hear that, my logic kicks in… And I remind myself that businesses follow that same hockeystick curve that money follows, that life follows.  In the beginning, they are slow to build, and despite how hard you know you’re working, it seems it’s growing so slowly.

It’s not over.  Something good is coming. (repeat)

And then, hope starts to kick in.  Hope that questions, what if something good is coming?

It’s been proven – the more hope you have, the more chance you have of achieving your success. It’s more important than IQ.

So, if it’s more important than IQ, then it’s crucial we understand it. Professor Rick Snyder, the father of Hope Theory, gives the key ingredients of Hope as being:

» Agency – the belief I personally own the goals, and I have the opportunity to direct the outcome

» Pathway – regardless of the obstacles, I believe there is a pathway to successfully achieve the goal

The more we own our goals, and show persistence in finding pathways, the more chance we have of success.

Which brings us to why we stop dreaming. The simple answer – when we hit Rock Bottom, we lose hope. And when we lose hope, we believe that its too late to make these dreams come true,  (agency) and that no matter how hard we try, a successful outcome is not possible (pathway).

When in fact we need to face the REAL obstacle.

Fear of hurt.  Fear of disappointment.  Fear of failure.

You see our brain is designed to protect us from hurt… disappointment… failure.  It’s designed to keep us safe.  That’s its primary function.  Otherwise as a species we would have been wiped out ages ago.

And not only that, our inner critic LOVES a failure, or a perceived failure against TWOTs timeline.  And has a field day spewing condemnation, judgement, ‘you see’ and ‘I told you so’s’.


It’s not over.  Something good is coming. (repeat)

Like a mantra, I keep saying it to myself.  My brain can’t argue that – I know that life is long, and somewhere between 47 and when I pop my clogs at 100, there’s a whole bunch of time for something good to come.  And that I should keep showing up for the humans whose life I want to change, and that somehow, somewhere, if I keep making deposits into this business, that eventually will pay off.

And the same goes for you… have faith, believe, that the more work you do on yourself, on your happiness, on your health and on your business, that something good will come.  Have faith in yourself and God that there’s always a way to make it happen.  That there’s no obstacle you can’t overcome.  That there’s ALWAYS a way around.

Have faith that whatever it is you want, there’s a reason you need to be where you are now – to build strength, to build knowledge, to build patience, to build empathy, to build persistence, to build resilience.

Have faith that you were made to have whatever it is your heart wants, that you can find a way, and that with persistence over time.

It’s not over.  Something good is coming.

Have a great week

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Lisa Linfield is on a God-given mission to free 1 million women from the weight and stress of money. She's a CFP, founder of a wealth management business, and podcast host of Working Women's Wealth

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