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235 Six steps to getting out of debt... forever

January 11, 20234 min read


Have you staggered out of the holiday season in more debt than you’d care to mention? A silent killer of mental health, debt can feel shameful and insurmountable, but using the six steps in this episode, you CAN get out of debt and be debt free forever!

The question is, how badly do you really want it?

You can download my six steps to getting out of debt here.

Show notes:

  • [02.49] A real-life story of debt

  • [07.46] Know your expenses

  • [10.38] Know your debt

  • [12.19] Making space between your income and your expenses

  • [13.59] Changing the way you think about debt

  • [14.42] Begin to pay off your debt

  • [16.16] Staying out of debt


“Debt is a huge cause of anxiety and stress.” – Lisa Linfield

“I want to tell you that you can get out of debt, that it is going to be okay, and you can build good habits.” – Lisa Linfield

“There is no quick fix to getting out of debt.” – Lisa Linfield

“Most people will budget in months where they are starting to see the light of less pressure with their respect to money.” – Lisa Linfield

“You cannot fix an income problem with cutting more expenses.” – Lisa Linfield

“I believe with every breath in my body that every human being CAN be financially free.” – Lisa Linfield

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The holiday season is always an interesting time of year… two things seem to happen…(i) we spend way too much, knowing we're going to need to pay for it in stress and effort when we get back (ii) we get time to reflect on our year past and our year to come and often promise ourselves that it WILL be different... that we'll get on top of our money once and for all and that things will change forever

We find ourselves in the same position with our scales... we seem to throw caution to the wind and munch whatever we want... knowing we will "pay for it" when we return home... and in our quite reflection times we promise ourselves that next year will be the one... we'll build healthy eating habits for life and not find ourselves stressing about our eating all the time.

Debt is a silent killer of mental health - an invisible stressor we feel we just can't talk about to our friends or family because there's so much shame loaded in with it. What we owe, and juggling payments for past spend and the incoming bills of today means it's always occupying precious space in our thoughts....and adding stress to our lives

If this sounds familiar, I want to encourage you that you can change the cycle... you can get out of debt, and be Debt-Free forever... listen here

A few months ago I was doing financial coaching….

… I grew up in an environment where being in debt is just how you finance life…

Why would you save and pay for somehting when you can get it now and pay for it later…

NOT JUST the interest… and the interest on interest (minimum payments) .... monthly account fees and other fees...

She came back with the exact amount in hard earned cash... go on a weekend away every second month....

For some, it's "under control" like hers was - she was so used to paying that weekend away every two months...

For others, it's truly an unbelievable cause of anxiety and stress... wrote in the other day and said - apart from taking my kids out of school (which is illegal), I don't know what to do...

But I'm here to tell you, it's going to be OK. You can do it, you can build good habits, and you can change your path… it just takes more time than the "get rich quick" people will have you believe.

And like most things in life, it's about going back to basics.

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Lisa Linfield

Lisa Linfield is on a God-given mission to free 1 million women from the weight and stress of money. She's a CFP, founder of a wealth management business, and podcast host of Working Women's Wealth

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